Context Sensitive Health Informatics

CSHI 2015 Proceedings

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Health Informatics: Many Places, Many Users, Many Contexts, Many Uses

Internationally, health information technology (HIT) is changing the healthcare landscape. Over that last few decades, we have seen a rapid growth in the number of innovations implemented worldwide.  These innovations have been influenced by differing health care problems, systems of delivering health care and international contexts. While individual countries have made advances in developing innovative HIT in response to local contexts and healthcare needs, these innovative advances have not always been exported to other countries to enable adaption to other systems of care. 

Important innovations are coming from both developed and developing nations and differing countries around the world are emerging as leaders in HIT design. They are challenging other countries to use HIT in new contexts to address challenges of providing healthcare. Despite our cultural and geographical differences we are all united by the desire to improve the safety, access and quality of healthcare delivery. Therefore it is essential that we learn from each other and use our collective experiences to support the design of innovative new HIT. This conference will help to unite our global efforts to understand and manage a number of important questions and emerging themes. We hope to begin answering some of the following questions:

What works and what doesn’t work in differing countries and regions around the world?

  • What can we learn from other health care systems, jurisdictions and health care contexts around the world?
  • What is the influence of healthcare system context upon technology design, development and implementation?
  • Are health information systems becoming too complex or is simplicity the answer to what ails our healthcare design efforts to date?
  • What best practices are context dependent (e.g. country, system)?
  • Should countries employ national approaches or strive for local innovation?

Context Sensitive Health Informatics merges and continues two conference series: ITHC -Information Technology in Health Care: Socio-Technical approaches - previously held in 2001 (Rotterdam, Netherlands), 2004 (Portland, USA), 2007 (Sidney, Australia) and 2010 (Aalborg, Denmark) - and HFE-HI: Human Factors / Ergonomics for Health Informatics - previously held in 2006 (Lille, France), 2007 (Aarhus, Denmark), 2008 (Amsterdam, Netherlands), 2009 (Sonoma, USA) and 2011 (Trondheim, Norway). 

Last Context Sensitive Health Informatics conference was held August 17-18, 2013 in Herlev Hospital (Copenhagen, Denmark). 

This pre-Medinfo conference will remain modest in size to promote informal in-depth interaction between participants and intends to promote cross-disciplinary dialogue, in addition to paper presentations and plenary keynotes. The conference will be held on August 15-16, 2015 in Curitiba, Brazil.

Keynote speakers will include a health informatics scientist from South America.